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Jordan Almonds As Wedding Favors

AKoufeta, Bonbonnier, Dragees, Confetti……… Traditions of Jordan Almonds

One of the most common traditional wedding favor candies used today is the Jordan Almond. Jordan Almonds as wedding favors or sweets is a tradition over 3,000 years old in Greek, Middle Eastern, French and Italian weddings. The Jordan Almond Wedding Favors are given many names depending on the culture in which they are referred to. As European wedding favors they are called almond dragees, or these tasty wedding favors are most commonly referred to as confetti in the Italian wedding culture. For the origin of confetti or Jordan Almonds as wedding favors we must look back to the ancient Romans, who celebrated births and marriages with the distant ancestors of today's confetti favors. But until the renaissance they - and other sweets - were made with honey. The introduction of sugarcane into European kitchens in the 15th century marked the beginning of the modern era for confetti. In the renaissance, as in antiquity, confetti were not just for ceremonial use. They were real sweetmeats made of candied fruits, or with almonds, dried fruits, aromatic seeds, hazelnuts, pine nuts or cinnamon, covered with a hard coating of sugar. And they were habitually served not only at wedding banquets but also at many important meals. The tradition of the presence of Jordan Almonds during important occasions has led to it becoming symbolism for special occasions, especially weddings. The tradition of Jordan Almonds as wedding favors expands through history and many cultures as the tiny sweet itself evolves through time.

These tasty sugar coated nuts, called Koufeta in Greek, are said to represent many things. The bittersweet almond taste is symbolic of life itself. The sugar coating is the hope that life will be blessed with more sweetness than bitterness. Wedding favors should contain an odd number of Jordan Almonds, which is indivisible just as marriage should remain. Middle Eastern wedding custom dictates that five Jordan Almonds pieces are presented to each wedding guest as wedding favors. The number five represents five wedding wishes: health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity. In the Middle Eastern wedding culture the candy covered almonds are considered aphrodisiacs and are always on hand.

In Greek wedding culture, to ensure sweetness and purity in the marriage, "koufeta" bags filled with an odd number of white Jordan Almonds tied with ribbon are given to guests as wedding favors. The white symbolizes purity and the shape of the almond symbolizes never-ending love. The odd number is indivisible, symbolizing how the husband and wife will share everything and remain undivided. For modern Greek wedding favors, white Organza Favor Bags with satin drawstring are filled with 5 Jordan Almonds.

For hundreds of years, the gift of sugar-coated Jordan Almonds has been a traditional European wedding favor, especially in Italy, France and Greece, where they are also known as Jordan almonds or Almond dragees. The French particularly prefer French almond dragees. These white Jordan Almonds have found its way into containers that range from simple Organza Bags to Silver Favor Tins. It is most famous as part of the Italian "bonbonniere" or confetti favor, which is a presentation of 3 or 5 almonds wrapped in tulle and tied with a bow. The number of almonds in the favor is important; as to not bring bad luck upon the new couple. Today, the tradition to give sugared sweets as wedding favors has grown to include their fabrication in lovely tulle and silk flowers created in Italy, and known as Confetti Flowers. (Confetti is from the word confection.) Five almonds can also be incorporated into Ribbon Flowers, also known as Coccarde Favors. They are sold as Organza Ribbon Flower Favors for weddings.

Modern brides are very creative with the traditional Jordan Almonds. Traditionally white Jordan Almonds have been used for weddings; however Jordan Almonds are available in pastel colors to coordinate with the wedding décor. Brides use pastel Jordan Almonds in creative Jordan almond favor holders to put a twist on an old tradition. Jordan Almonds have even been incorporated into heart shape cookie cutters to create an unique wedding favor treat called “Cookie Cutter Wedding Favor Treats” This is a heart shaped cookie cutter which holds inside it 3 Jordan Almonds wrapped in tulle with a satin ribbon. Why not add a favor tag that reads “Cut Out For Each Other”. Another popular idea for Jordan Almonds is Gold Jordan Almonds or Silver Jordan Almond favors. Gold Jordan Almonds or Silver Jordan Almonds put a spark into wedding favors and they are very unique. Wedding guests will be surprised by the creativity used to include the metallic tones in wedding favors. Creativity with Jordan Almonds can include a classic tradition in a very modern wedding.

However one chooses to present these tasty Jordan Almonds or Almond Dragees as wedding favors, it is a symbolism of cultural tradition and a very special occasion

Traditions of Jordan Almonds by,


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